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Happy Lemons by Thomas Flindt

Happy Lemons
Author: Thomas Flindt
Page Count: 126 pages
Published Date: 04 May 2014
Publisher: Pine Publishing Ltd.
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780991260980
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When you laugh, you experience feelings of harmony, happiness and balance. Laughter allows you to get in touch with yourself, and with life itself. Of course, it's fun to laugh, but laughter is much more than just fun - laughter is a deep personal release that can positively transform tension, stress and pain. In his book, Happy Lemons - How Happiness Breeds Success, Thomas Flindt takes us on an interesting journey, examining the roots of laughter and diving into its various purposes, why we laugh, and its benefits at work. The book dives into a world of laughter, including the power of now, and the therapeutic and physical effects of laughter. The book includes fun and simple exercises that help you incorporate strong habits to gain more happiness in your everyday life. Not only will Happy Lemons leave a contagious positive effect on you, it also provides tips and practical tools on how to incorporate great positive habits at work, how to increase job satisfaction, and how to incorporate more joy in your everyday life. Breathing and laughing are your most important energy resources. It doesn't make you feel alive, it keeps you alive.

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